Easy recipes for Valentine’s Day

Banana pieces with ice cream and strawberries

Required Products:
1 banana
3-4 strawberries
100 ml of ice-cream (or cream)
Melted chocolate

Banana is cut at a slight angle. Put ice creame (or cream) on top of every banana piece, then put a quarter of strawberry on top. Arrange in a dish and pour on some melted white or brown chocolate.

Source: http://www.receptite.com/

Shortbreads for Valentine’s day

Required products:
Butter – 50 grams
Flour – 75 grams
Sugar dough
Sugar Pearls – 10 pieces
Powdered sugar – 40 grams

Put the flour in a deep pot, add the butter pieces and mix with hands very well. Add the powdered sugar, mix it as well and the dough is ready. Sift some flour onto a plane surface and roll the dough. Oil a large baking dish, then cut heart-shaped pieces of dough and arrange them them in it.

Bake the shortbreads for 15-20 minutes at 180C or until they acquire a golden color. Meanwhile roll the sugar dough. It should be 1mm thick. Again, cut heart-shaped forms. Put them on top of the baked shortbreads after they become cool. Finally, put sweet sugar pearls as decoration.


Translation: Margarita Valcheva

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