Q: How to purchase?
A: Just click on the “Add to Cart” button below the product and follow the PayPal simple steps for payment.

Q: Can I make a custom request for digital paper/clipart set?
A: You can request colour changes, file type changes or resizing. If you see an item in my store that you like but it’s not in the colours of your choice, please contact me with your request(s).

Q: What is Commercial Use License. Do I need to purchase it?
A: If you are going to use the items for Profit and Commercial purposes, you MAY need to purchase extra license for that. Please read my License options here.

Q: What are my delivery options?
A: All products are delivered digitally. When you pay for an order you’ll get an e-mail with a download link for your product/products. You should receive the e-mail immediately. If not, don’t panic, contact me and I will send you the products manually. Remember – the link will remain active for 24 hours, after that it will expire.

Q: What are the formats and sizes am I going to receive?
A: All files are compressed with ZIP and that is what you will download. After downloading zip file, right click on it and extract actual graphics out. Each item comes with Industry standard formats. All Vector designs come as EPS format or/and AI, All Traditional media designs come as 300 dpi JPEG or PNG formats. Item file can include one or more formats, Please read product description pages to understand what you will receive. Be sure what you are purchasing.

Q: How do I access the clipart from the zipped folder or unzip the file after I download it?
A: After you save your file to your computer, you will need to extract the clipart from the zipped file before you can use it. Right-click on the zipped folder and then click “Extract”. WinZip is one of the softwares for extracting files. If using WinZip: Right click on your folder, go to: WinZip: then Extract to here or the file that you’re currently in.

Q: What if I purchased a file and cannot open it?
A: If you have received your downloads corrupted or experience problems, I will help you to receive purchased files, please contact me if you have any problems with files.

Q: Can I use the clipart in Micosoft Office?
A: As long as your software can open an image file, it will be able to open the clipart. Not all programs will support the transparency of a PNG file. Paint for example, does not support PNG transparency. It will open a JPG though. Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher WILL support both JPG and PNG files.

Q: Can I resell a product that I purchased from Bubururesources?
A: No, you cannot resell the product or transfer it to anyone else. The license is non-transferable.

Q: Can I share a product that I purchased from Bubururesources?
A: No, the license is non-transferable. You cannot give the products that you purchased to anyone.

Q: Can I transfer the license for a product I purchased from Bubururesources?
A: No, the license is non-transferable.

Q: Do I own a product that I purchased from Bubururesources?
A: No, you own a license to use the product in your own project.

Q: Can I use a product on several different projects or do I need to buy a separate license for each project?
A: Yes, you can use the product in as many different projects as you like within the Terms of use.

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: Once your purchase is made I can not offer a refund.

Q: Can I pay in euros/yen etc?
A: I accept only US dollars, but when you pay with PayPal, it does the conversion for you automatically.

Q: What are your business hours for answering emails/sending licenses?
A: Just keep in mind that my time zone is EET (Eastern Europe Time), EET is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2).